Events & Workshops

Reservations for events and workshops can also be made in person at the store (cash/card accepted).

All events are non-refundable.

No walk-ins for classes. Call day the of the event to see if there are any spots left.

  • An Evening of Spirit Communication with Registered Lily Dale Medium, Angie Abt

    Wednesday November 15th, 2023



    Join Registered Lily Dale Medium, Rev. Angie Abt for a demonstration of Mediumship done “Platform Style” where people are chosen randomly in the audience and will receive messages. Angie will connect with your loved ones who have crossed over to the “other side of life” as well as your Spirit Guides, to give short messages to those in the audience.

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  • Emotional Healing with Bach Flower Remedies

    Thursday November 16th, 2023



    Join Becky Wisniewski of Bach Flower Remedies by Becky and learn how Bach Flower Remedies can help you manage stress and anxiety. Everyone takes home a personalized remedy!

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  • Meet the Artist: Cindy Crawford

    Friday November 17th, 2023


    Cindy will be set up in store creating unique pieces from 11am-3pm. Stop by to see her!

    Local Jewelry Artisan living in East Concord, NY

    Started:  2012  Self-taught and YouTube.

    Background:  art, design, fashion and marketing.

    Inspirations: nature, color and textures that are unexpected.

    Materials used:  repurposed copper and silver alloy,
    semi-precious stones.

    Most creations are one-of-a-kind.

    I like to call it art you can wear.  Enjoy!

  • Integrative Medicine One-on-One Consultations

    Tuesday November 21st, 2023


    Dr. Jeff Carter has launched an integrative medicine practice that will be here for one day taking in person one-on-one appointments.

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  • Finding Inner Peace: Anxiety Relief Workshop

    Wednesday November 29th, 2023




    Finding Inner Peace: Anxiety Relief Workshop with Reiki Master, Brandon Michael

    Please join Brandon Michael while he shares some special tools that will transform your life. If you have been experiencing anxiety and are looking for relief, this evening is for you.

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  • Past Life Regression Workshop with Registered Lily Dale Medium, Angie Abt

    Thursday December 7th, 2023



    Join Angie Hewett-Abt as she guides you and the group back in time to experience a past life or two. She will also guide you to connect with your higher self & spirit guides & receive insight about your current life.

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  • Holiday Party & Psychic Fair

    Saturday December 9th, 2023

    More Details TBA


    One-on-one in person readings from:


    After you purchase your session, send an email to All Is One Gifts to set up your appointment time.

    Walk-ins are welcome but not guaranteed.

    All appointments are non-refundable.

Readings & Remedies

Certified Medium and Bach Flower Practitioner Becky Wisniewski will be available for private one-on-one readings and consultations on the following Saturdays from 10am-3pm:

December 2

December 9 (Psychic Fair Pricing)

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Tarot Readings

Bailee Chernogorec from Keep at Bay Tarot will be available for private one-on-one readings on the following Saturdays from 10am-3pm:

December 9 (Psychic Fair Pricing)

December 16

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  • Message Circle

    Thursday November 2nd, 2023

    Thursday May 11th, 2023


    Join Mediums Jen Quinn and Becky Wisniewski for a special Message Circle!

    We all have a team of Spirit Guides, Angels and passed loved ones who are just waiting to connect with us. Becky and Jen will connect you with your team and give you a personalized message filled with hope, love and inspiration.

  • All Is One Gifts Psychic Fair

    Saturday October 14th, 2023


    • 4 Psychics giving walk-in readings all day long
    • Complimentary Fang-tastic Food and Dreadfully Delightful Drinks
    • Ghoulish Deals - Dress up in costume to receive 20% off an item in the store
    Get Ready to Have a Spooktacular Time at our Psychic Fair!
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  • The 5 Pillars of Health: Choosing to Put Yourself First

    Wednesday September 13th, 2023


    Interactive Discussion with Trauma Surgeon & Integrative Medicine Doctor, Dr. Jeff Carter

    Allopathic medicine has become a disease centric practice. In integrative, or wholistic, medicine we look to optimize the person first then consider the ailment. I believe that there are five pillars of health: Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Life Structure. If we optimize these we feel better and overcome our health challenges in a much easier and less violent way. Join me on September 13th to learn more about the theories of integrative medicine and these five pillars.

  • Meditation & Messages

    Tuesday August 29th, 2023


    Come experience the calming yet powerful benefits of guided group meditation and receive a personalized message from Spirit!

  • Orchard Park Boutique Crawl

    Join us in the Village of Orchard Park on Friday Aug 25th from 12 - 8pm to shop, dine, and take advantage of good deals and a great time!

    🔮Come get an Intuitive Reading by Becky between 3:00-8:00 ~ 20 minutes for $45

    💎SPECIAL~ 20% off Gemstone Pendant & Sterling Silver Chain

    🌟GIVEAWAY- Chance to win 3 Gift Cards for All Is One Gifts

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Reconnect with your Authentic Self & Wardrobe

    Tuesday July 11th, 2023


    Who were you before the world told you to be? The Power and Importance of Dressing Authentically

    Amanda is a talented wardrobe stylist and self-image coach dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their true selves through personal style. Beyond fashion, her expertise extends to self-image, empowering individuals to challenge self-doubt and authentically express themselves in all aspects of life.

    In her enlightening classes, she will teach you about limiting beliefs and how they can hinder personal growth both in life and in matters of wardrobe. Amanda warmly invites you to embark on a metamorphic journey of self-exploration. She will share her Authenticity Equation and delve into how you can begin to reconnect your most authentic-self – style Included!

    She is thrilled to be your companion on this empowering journey of self-discovery and authentic self-expression.

  • Saturday July 8th, 2023



    with Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel

    Wednesday May 10th, 2023

    Paintings that will leave you transformed, enlightened & inspired!

    Come learn about the MetaArt we have here, its history and how sacred art and sound can enhance your life! METAART is a genre of art that are portals directly into higher states of consciousness engaging with every cell of your body. OCULAR MEDITATION, an ancient practice of gazing, allows inspiration to enter the retina sending signals to the hypothalamus and directly engages with the pineal gland, or the seat of the soul.

    MetaArt and Ocular Meditation breaks into new evolutionary territory of how we can bypass the thinking mind to expand our consciousness into higher more refined spaces of our own Divinity.

  • The Game of Life and How to Play It

    Thursday April 27th, 2023

    Thursday March 23rd, 2023

    Thursday February 16th, 2023


    Based on Florence Scovel Shinn’s classic book "The Game of Life"

    Life is not a battle but instead a game of giving and receiving. Whatever we send out into the world will eventually be returned to us. Learn how to change your thoughts and words to positively ask for what you want in life in order to receive what is yours by divine right.

    Join Becky Wisniewski in this inspiring and uplifting discussion and find the support you need to manifest your dream life. We are just scratching the surface here as we explore the multitude of ways we can change our lives for the better. This information is extremely beneficial when practiced regularly. We are more powerful when we come together and support one another. 

  • Astrology 101

    Tuesday April 25th, 2023


    Are you curious about astrology but find it too complicated? Your astrology birth chart is your personal treasure map. In this class, you’ll learn the basics of your chart and start to navigate this map! You’ll get a copy of your chart and the basics you need to navigate!

  • Bach Flower Remedy Class

    Thursday April 20th, 2023

    Thursday January 19th, 2023

    Thursday October 6th, 2022


    Learn about the 38 Bach Flower Remedies and how they can help bring peace of mind, balance and renewed joy to your life. Not to be confused with aromatherapy and essential oils, flower remedies are made from the essence of flowers and are taken internally as tasteless drops. They are naturally safe for the whole family, even pets, and can be taken along with medications or used with any other healing modalities. Taken consistently over time flower essences can also accelerate our personal growth. Come learn which flowers can help you and your loved ones. You will take home a customized remedy made for your own specific needs!

  • Adaptogens & How You Can Benefit From Them

    Thursday March 2nd, 2023



    Come learn about different adaptogens with Dr. Jeff Carter as he discusses how to incorporate them into your life.

    We are designed for balance. Stress of any kind throws us out of balance. Stress is an essential component of life to promote growth and evolution but is meant to be self limiting. In our modern world we experience stressors but instead of them being temporary processes that promote growth we enter into states of lived stress. Stress becomes a new normal which profoundly influences our mind, body, and spirit. Adaptogens are non-toxic herbs that have a normalizing impact on our physiology. I see them as part of multi-layered strategies to bring us out of a state of chronic stress back to into balance.

    In this conversation we will discuss in general how adaptogens work, a few specific adaptogens, and how wise use of these supplements may benefit your life. This will be an interactive group discussion with open ended Q&A from attendees.

  • An Evening of Spirit Connection with Registered Lily Dale Medium, Angie Abt

    Wednesday March 1st, 2023

    Wednesday November 2nd, 2022


    Join Registered Lily Dale Medium, Angie Abt for a demonstration of Mediumship done “Platform Style” where people are chosen randomly in the audience and will receive messages. Messages will be given the way they are at Inspiration Stump in Lily Dale. Angie will connect with your loved ones who have crossed over to the “other side of life” as well as your Spirit Guides, to give short messages to those in the audience.

  • Do You Know What Integrative Medicine Is? Talk by Dr. Jeff Carter

    Tuesday January 10th, 2023


    Come learn about Integrative Medicine with Dr. Jeff Carter as he discusses a more natural approach to health and well-being.

    Dr. Jeff Carter will begin with a talk explaining his knowledge and many experiences, which even include working in Covid ICU's. He will then lead into an open ended Q&A from attendees. He will answer any questions ranging from Covid-19 Pandemic to Plant Medicine to health issues and anywhere in between. 

    This will be a group event with the option to schedule one-on-one sessions with Dr. Jeff Carter to further your individualized optimal health journey.

  • Winter Solstice Celebration: Sound Bath Meditation

    Wednesday December 21st, 2022


    *Zoom Optional*

    Join Lily Dale Medium, Angie Abt, and celebrate the winter solstice. We will begin with a special solstice relaxing meditation with the sounds of beautiful Tibetan Sound Bowls. Let’s celebrate the good things that came out of this past year and leave behind that which no longer serves with a “letting go” ceremony. Then let’s explore our intentions with an interactive intention setting & manifesting exercise. We will finish our evening with a spiritual message circle.

  • The Magic of Gratitude

    Thursday December 8th, 2022


    Join Becky Wisniewski for an evening of discussion and interaction to learn new ways to bring more appreciation into your life. This is the perfect time of year to connect with others for a fun evening learning how to incorporate gratitude into our daily lives.

    Appreciation and gratitude are life changing when we use them consistently. Practicing gratitude actually rewires our brain and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, activate hope, elevate our significance, reduce pessimism, and increase happiness and optimism!

    Come together with like minded souls and share ways to find gratitude in the midst of change and the challenging times we are living in. Take some special time just for you and be a part of this uplifting gathering!

  • Design-Your-Own Reiki Blessed Bell Door Hanger

    Thursday November 10th, 2022


    Join artist and Reiki Master Carolyn Potopchuk for an interactive, intuitive evening to create a bell hanger with your own special intention attached. Reiki blessed door knob hangers are designed to enhance your sacred space with healing and positive energy. When the bell releases a sound through movement, it releases positive healing waves of energy in our minds and breaks up stagnant energy in the environment. 

    A brief history of bells and their spiritual significance will be described.  The 5 bells, of your choice, that you will attach represent the 5 Reiki Principles and a separate card will be included stating the Reiki Bell Blessing. You will write your special intention on a small parchment scroll, for example, protection, prosperity, healing, clarity, peace, etc. and attach it to the hanger. The sound of bells brings healing and peace to any home or environment and all bells will be blessed with Reiki before the evening closes.

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